I'm Kimberly Thompson, a California native, jewelry designer and metal artist working primarily in silver and goldsmithing techniques for the past 10 years.
Over the past decade I have studied numerous techniques in the classical tradition of the metal arts and jewelry fabrication from around the world. I share my knowledge of the craft with the next generation of perspective artists through my work as an instructor of small metals and metalsmithing at a local university.
From an early age I found joy in the art of craftsmanship and an appreciation for the handmade. Spending afternoons with my great Aunt Doris (Doe), I had my first encounters with the art of jewelry fabrication and found that great significance that can exist in even small things.Hours spent experimenting with silver and turquoise, even restringing the odd pearl necklace, formed deep and lasting memories that echo in my artistic expression today.
Doris Jean Design, which I named for my great Aunt Doe, is in many ways a tribute to those afternoons spent exploring the possibilities of imagination and a testament to the impression of those early memories. I designed the first collection for the brand using molds cast from Doris’ own antique button collection, varied in style and none like another, each piece is as unique as the next.

Luxury + Ease + Simplicity

Designed to highlight the distinctive features of each work of art, pieces are bespoke. Crafted from one-of-a-kind artisan lapidary stones, minerals, recycled and responsibly-sourced metals ensures that each piece is truly individual.
Every piece has been designed and meticulously handcrafted by me, combining my love of modern effortlessness (luxury, ease, simplicity) with a strong appreciation for classic appeal. Every design, with its own unique voice brought to life by me and given significance by the you.
The Doris Jean collection encapsulates old-world inspiration with modern sensibility to create works of art which can be both worn and celebrated.

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