Eco-Friendly Practices: Recycling Metal!

We've been recycling a lot of gold in the studio lately both for custom projects and our collection line.  As a jewelry maker who wants to implement as many sustainable and responsible practices as possible, a major concern is where our supplies come from.  And here's the deal: GOLD IS BAD.  There are the usual suspects that unfortunately tend to go hand in hand with luxury items - Basic Human Rights Violations and Lack of Quality Labor Standards for the individuals mining the gold.  But mining practices wreck havoc on the environment and can contaminate the air, water, and soil.  The cyanide, Mercury, and acid runoff poison the drinking water for communities, kill wildlife, devastate nature, and creates a toxic atmosphere...literally.  

SO....What Can You Do As a Consumer?

14 karat gold stacking rings on ring finger of left hand

Look for products made with Certified Fairmined or Fairtrade gold OR buy from makers who are recycling gold in their studios.  Better yet, if you have gold jewelry that's broken or you just don't wear anymore you can have it refashioned into something new!  

Here's a look at how that works at Doris Jean Design:


We process pieces with identifiable karat quality, separate and clean the gold, and  get ready to melt it down.

Here's a look at pouring the melted gold:

Not all of our gold is recycled in studio, we also use suppliers who only sell SCS-certified 100% recycled gold. Let us know if you have any questions about our studio practices!


I really like your approach to making jewelry using recycled metal like gold since mining is bad for the environment already. Thanks for sharing, this really inspired me to contribute and get rid of the metals my house accumulated from its recent construction. It’s supposed to go to waste but now, I’ll find a better place for these at a metal recycling facility.

Taylor Abrams March 08, 2023

This is such important information, I love how you broke it down!

Noelle March 08, 2021

This is such important information, I love how you broke it down!

Noelle March 08, 2021

This is SO amazing! I wish more jewelers did this. Thanks for making beautiful things from recycled, yet equally beautiful materials.

Kristen Maggitti March 08, 2021

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